Clubhouse Members Magazine

Members Magazine

Clubhouse readers submit close to 1,200 pieces of their work each year.  We can only fit a select few into the magazine, so here are some honorable mentions.

Featured Member Submissions

The Voice Above

The Father of Lies isn’t the only one trying to speak to us. Our Father in heaven has plenty to say. God’s voice echoes through

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Why Change?

In January’s Truth Pursuer, we talked about how much God loves you. He created every hair on your head, and He has amazing plans for

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The Voice Within

Kate didn’t fear what lay outside the castle, but The Voice within the high, stone walls made her shrink inside her skin. Kate knew The

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Members' Mag 2019

Clubhouse readers sent in more than 1,200 entries this year. We could only fit a few in the magazine, but here are more amazing stories, poems and drawings from kids like you!  Thank you for sharing! 


Season’s Breezes

Spring’s breeze is gentle and cool, Relaxing, refreshing and as wanted as a jewel. Summer’s breeze is cozy, quiet and surreal, Warm and comfortable is

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There is always part of a story, That is waiting to be told. And inside my head, Scenes constantly unfold. Sometimes it never stops, That

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Set Sail

I will set sail and follow God’s path for me, Because often they are plans only He can see. Even if waves try to crush

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Miriam, 13, from Indiana

Hannah, 11, from Kansas

Havah, 14, from Pennsylvania

Hannah, 14, from Iowa

Spoon in the Road

Timothy, 10, from Oregon

Where Are You?

Riley, 11, from Colorado

Sarah, 14, from California

Benjamin, 11, from Massachusetts